I’m Laura, a digital marketer with restless feet currently living in Australia. Originally from Finland, I grew up on the French/Swiss border near Geneva, lived in London for almost a decade before relocating to Sydney. Aside from a stubborn penchant for travel, I’ve got an unhealthy appetite for thriller novels, tech podcasts and Tic Tacs (the fresh mint ones).

I finance (somewhat irresponsibly) all of the above by working in social media and content marketing, a field that’s relatively flexible when it comes to finding work abroad. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to move around in my twenties and I’m thrilled to have made it happen without sacrificing my career ambitions.

I originally started Girl Gone Vagabond to document a 6-month backpacking trip I embarked on with my fiancé Gilles. If you’d like to read more about our adventures in South-East-Asia, check out the destinations section. Nowadays, while I still blog about travel, you’ll come across other topics too, from book reviews to Sydney-centric lifestyle posts.

Thanks for reading!

Laura x

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